About Thin Skin


As older writers and editors, we feel the literary world is still skewed towards younger writers. It’s not impossible to start your writing career at an older age (look at our about us page!) but we’re more likely to be seen as a curiosity than the ‘next big thing’. There is so much creativity and innovation in later life that there has to be a place for it. That’s why Thin Skin was born.

our vision

We want Thin Skin to be the first point of contact for older writers looking for a home for their work. Our aim is to become a must-read in the literary world, providing high quality literary fiction that rivals anything our younger colleagues can produce. Look at our submit page for more details.

yes, but how old is older?

We prioritise writers over 50, but we’re flexible and will consider writers in their late 40s (though to some of us that’s not old at all).